I'm using Maxwell 2.7, and Max 2012. I'm pretty new to maxwell. i bought it years ago and never had a chance to use it in production. Now I want to.
Anyway, my problem is this. I'm trying to load a .exr sequence onto plane for use as an emitter. The first frame of the sequence is functional. As soon as I check the sequence box and hit render, I get a render fail error saying that maxwell can't find any images in the sequence at all.

what could be causing that?

Thanks for any insight!
so I exported an .mxs thinking I could load my very simple scene (two planes, one emitting, one standard maxwell material for interaction with light) into maxwell studio and it loads fine. I went into the emitter's material property, went to the image, and in the image loader dialogue there isn't even an image sequence option... How do you load a sequence in Maxwell Studio?
it seems only .mxi, .hdr, and .exr are supported as emitters at all. Have you ever used a sequence as an emitter? If so, which format, and how did you generate it? I have not yet figured out a way to render a .mxi sequence. Also, I upgraded to Max 2014 today, and the error persists regardless. I would like to upgrade to Maxwell 3, but the funds are scarce right now. I am hoping that there is a known work around for this issue, or that I'm doing something wrong... The documentation mentions nothing about a specific process. I have written a support ticket to Next Limit about this but I have no idea what their response times are like. Unfortunately I have clients waiting to see something and this is really throwing a wrench in the works.
By raduc
Can you send me a simple animation (2-3 frames) that I can use to test this bug ? I've tried to use an image sequence for a emitter and couldn't replicate it.
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