When using the default render output, the process is this:
- maxwell.exe runs and writes the specified output image file
- after maxwell.exe is closed, we load the image file and pass the data to Max
- Max saves the image file again with the data we gave it, overwriting the file created by Maxwell

This is a bit redundant, but most of the times it works fine, so you can just use the render output box. However, if you try to create EXR files with embedded channels, Max will break them. Maxwell writes the file correctly, but Max overwrites it with a version containing only the color channel (we give it all the channels, but it doesn't know what to do with them).

When you use the override setting, we never give the image back to Max, so it doesn't re-save anything.
Fernando, one way to avoid worrying about overwriting an existing file you can simply add macros in your output settings.

For instance in the "Overide Image Output" box as well as the "Enable Text Overlay" you can dump things into a working directory using macros to collect various results:
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works the same for mxi output....... it would be nice if the macros worked for mxs output as well :idea: and I think the output macros documentation page needs an update... #Mihai

here's an example
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