By Bogdan Coroi
The best would be a pack&go that let's you choose what to collect: mxs, textures and/or mxm
You mean for the assets (textures, IORs) inside the referenced MXMs? Because maxwell and studio know how to fix those when importing/rendering.
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By Fernando Tella
Yep, Studio takes them all except mxm (which are not needed if you are working from Studio). That makes sense. But if you work from 3dsmax you also need the mxm's; It would be great to have a pack&go straight from max that saved in a folder and had this options (with checkboxes):
-Save all
-Save max file
-Save mxs
-Save textures, IOR, R2, IES,...
-Save mxm's

-Fix paths

I think most of the times I would choose max, textures..., and mxm's without fixing paths.
By Bogdan Coroi
I've modified the script to let you copy all MXM assets (textures, iors, ies) and also to copy the .max file. For mxs things are tricky since the maxscript function that exports the scene needs a camera from which to export. I'll probably update the function in the future to be able to export the scene with minimal settings and then I'll update the script as well.

Until then, here's how it looks:


and here's the script: ...
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By MetinSeven_com

I would really appreciate Maxwell Studio's Lock Exposure checkbox in Maxwell's 3ds Max plug-in. It's very useful for keeping a constant exposure while changing either the fStop of Shutterspeed, in stead of having to calculate it yourself.


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By Mihnea Balta
But it does that already if you select aperture or shutter priority in the exposure mode dropdown. It doesn't update the dependent value in the UI, but it computes it on export to keep the exposure constant. Doesn't this work for you?
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By MetinSeven_com
Well, I'm so used to working with fStop in combination with Shutterspeed that the priority options confuse me a little. A simple checkbox to automate the 1.4 multiplication/division factor would be my preferred option.

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