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By garyswindell
I am having trouble getting bump maps to work with my SDK based system. At the current time all of my geometry has a diffuse map assigned on uvchannel 0. Works fine.

When I try to add a bump map as uvchannel 1 nothing happens. No errors, but no bump mapping either. I have varied STRENGTH from 0 to 999 with no effect. The console indicates that 2 bitmaps are loaded (the diffuse bitmap and the bump bitmap). The diffuse channel continues to display correctly.

The bump jpg is RGB (not greyscale).

I noticed in the sdk manual that when 3 maps were created the bump map was placed in uvchannel 0. Will this make a difference?
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By juan
Hell garys,

Try assigning the bump map in the uvChannel 0 instead the diffuse map. May be there is a conflict. do you get good results with other type of maps ( specular, glossy...)?

By garyswindell
Order does not seem to matter.

using real instead of float for the strength parameter and declaring the setParameter statement properly does.

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