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By seghier
-nogui : Launch Maxwell in console mode.
-hide : Launch Maxwell and hides GUI and console completely.
-guiconsole : Launch Maxwell in window console mode.
i used -nogui than -hide and both of them when i launch a render the console window appear.
what is the difference between -nogui and -hide ?
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            parameters = []
            parameters.append('-mxs:' + choice)
            parameters.append('-o:' + outImg)
            parameters.append('-mxi:' + outMxi)
            parameters.append('-denoisePath:' + outDen)
            parameters.append('-denoiseStartSL:' + str(Di))
            parameters.append('-denoiseAutoconfig:' + str(v))
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By T0M0
My guess would be that -hide launches Maxwell as a silent process, no window just process running in Task Manager.

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