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I tried to compile 2.5.1 SDK with XCode 4.0 ( Mac OS X 10.6 ) for my plugin project. but It failed by liker ld error.
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// compiling for 32bit intel
Undefined symbols for architecture i386:
  "_Microseconds", referenced from:
      Ctimer::Ctick::getRandomSeed()     in libmxs.a(timer.o) ... 67 errors more...

// compiling for 64bit intel
Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
  "_Microseconds", referenced from:
      Ctimer::Ctick::getRandomSeed()     in libmxs.a(timer.o)
I googled, and it seems to be known problem of Mac OS X 10.6 environment.
I checked 'ranlib' for libmxs.a, and it showed "no symbols" message for each architectures ( ppc/i386/x86_64 ).
I tried some liker options, but no succeed.

anyone can compile SDK on OSX 10.6? Did I miss anything?


thank you for replying. It's help a lot.

I have linked with CoreService.framework, so now I linked with Foundation.framework and CoreService.framework. Still Linker Errors are remained, but its count is decreased. now I have 2 question.

1. Are there any other framework or external library I should link with? Should I link with additional libraries (png/tiff/imf/zip) for compiling?
2. A maxwelllights.h file is missing in SDK, but maxwelllights.cpp, it's not required?


Hi tg_jp,

1- Yes, linking with zlib is usually also required. Depending in what functionality you use from the SDK, you might also need to link with Cocoa or even libxml2. But as I said it depends on what functions of the sdk you are using.

2- Yes that's not needed, it's just an example of how to convert some of the non physical lights to geometry ones keeping similar behaviour.

Best regards,

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