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By rzick
Question: I am looking for a way to adjust multilight settings of an MXI file programatically. From the description of the SDK, it does not appear that there is any way to do this currently. Can anyone confirm if or how this could be done?

The reason we are interested is that when we produce animations and output each frame as an .MXI (so we could have thousands of frames). we would like some way of adjusting the multilight settings in bulk and then generating the corresponding .jpg files. Sort of like a batch process that acts like low level video editor. Loading each file into the standalone renderer to do so is, as you can imagine, rather prohibitive on thousands of .mxi images.
By JDHill
Hi rzick,

The only extent that the SDK deals with MXI files is that it makes it possible to read one from disk into an RGB buffer, for the purposes of showing it as a bitmap. Other than this, the only purpose of the SDK is for plugins to use to produce MXS files for rendering.

What you are looking for is not so much an SDK function, but something more along the lines of making the mxcl.exe program scriptable - currently it can only be controlled through its' list of avaliable command-line params. Probably, you would want to put this in the wish-list section.


By rzick

I figured that this functionality was not available, but I aprreciate the reply. Actually, broadening the cmd line options just a bit for the mxcl.exe might do the trick. It is really just a matter of somehow adding a few more options to access the multilight features. Maybe I'll go ahead and added this to the wish list. It would be a powerful capability for any post processing.


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