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By victor
It is ok, one single MXS file per frame.
By SimonC
Ok, Now I am confused....... :?

So, for an animation, moving any geometry or moving the camera needs a single mxs file to produce a single image for each frame.

If this is the case, what does the -a option to mxcl.exe do, as you are only specifing one mxs scene to render?

What about creating a single image (using a long shutter speed) and moving or tracking the camera? I presume that this is where you define mutliple camera possitions using multiple setCamera(...) to produce camera motion blur.
In this case will mxcl -mxs:scene.mxs -a:2-4 only produce a single image that combines the second to fourth camera postions?

How would you go about creating a single image (long shutter speed) containing moving geometry that displays geometry motion blur?
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By victor
There are no tricks, we need to specify different points for the geometry and the camera if we want to get motion blur.

So, when you specify multiple points for the objects and the camera, Maxwell uses that information to create motion blur for that single frame. At this moment only 2 points are allowed: the current position in the frame, and the position past the shutter speed time (you have to calculated it properly).

The -a command line option has nothing to do with this. It is needed to process several mxs files in sequence, not related with motion blur.
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