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Hi there!

Sorry, it is the obligatory post relating to when we can expect an update to the plugin for SketchUp 2021? Are there any major issues, or changes to compatibility, or is everything straightforward enough?

Oddly, I don't actually have the time at the moment to install the new version and the 100 plugins I have for it, but it would be nice to have something before Christmas if at all possible...?
By Alberto Cadahia
SketchUp 2021 have changed the sdk and more important (and problematic) to us they have upgraded the Ruby version. Also deploying for new MacOs version (Big Sur) always take some time. So unfortunately, no straightforward update this time for SU 2021...
If everything goes as planned, the SketchUp Plugin with Maxwell 5.2 (which also have several changes) will be released in early 2021.

Thanks for your post.

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Hi Alberto,

Many thanks for taking the time to make such an informative reply.

Seems like you have your work cut out! Early 2021 sounds reasonable, so I look forward to the new version along with the Maxwell 5.2 update.
By arquitecto_W_W
I am also checking in to see if there is an update on the release date for Maxwell for SketchUp 2021.
Any idea when this might be released?
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