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By Q2
OK, first tests and first crashes...

After opening Maxwell Studio and closing the lights tab Maxwell crashes immediately.

And previewing a material with displacement in the Material Editor crashes Studio as well.
By ypt
Almost the same problem in Mojave with the lights tab... it crashes when re-opening the light tab.
... and in addition to that it also crashes whenever you change the SL settings.
Studio crashes often on Catalina and Mojave, it seems more stable on High Sierra.
Crashes occur when an object is scaled, or when the focal length on a camera setting is changed.

@NL, are these known issues. Is the a setting in the operating system that is causing the problems?
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By Brany
We have found that for some reason, OSX has a hard limit of 256 files (and ports) opened per proccess by default (at least in our Mojave and Catalina machines). Despite 256 seems a reasonable number, it isn't (is not about how many textures your scene materials have, internally the operating system and our third party libraries has to open several files that are out of our control most of the times). This issue affects everything so Maxwell Studio can crash several ways, including editing parameters in the UI.

We are working on this, but you can try to change that limit by hand and see what happens:

https://superuser.com/questions/433746/ ... s-x-10-7-1
By ZeroPop
Even on the latest release I'm finding once a render is commenced it sometimes will just decide to stop at it's own will, and I can't recover and recommence it by stopping and saving the mxi out to reload and carry on, it just seems to quietly crash. I feel the issues are far from resolved for Mac users...

Just had a totally waste of 3hrs on something. I sincerely hope the GPU rendering is better than the CPU only available to Mac's. This I like 5-10 years ago still..
ystmrk wrote:
Fri May 15, 2020 5:39 am
Studio5.1.029 worked on my MaxOSX Catalina and Mojave. :)

AxF Material still causes a crash.
Is documented as Known issue on the release notes. It's a notarization problem with AXF library, we probably will have it fixed for 5.1 first patch.

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