By kropop
No, it is not intentional.
I'm just using default materials.
Putting emission color to black doesn't change anything. Fire is rendering correctly only when cutting planes are removed.
By Marton Day8
Are you sure you changed all the used materials?

These are the materials in your sample scene I had to change:
Farbe, weiß
Beton, rauh
Beton, Sichtbeton Platten

It is important to take away the emission effect from all the non-emitter materials, it can make the visual result unnaturalistic.

By kropop
I've created new scene with only one material and only 4 walls- fire is breaking up as soon as cutting planes are cutting the walls.
By Marton Day8
Could you send me a sample again? I don't understand what else could cause the problem.

By Marton Day8
There are two things...

First: you still have grey (not black) emission color on the assigned materials which means the plugin adds emitter component to the exported material. (Please be careful: when you do section cut, ArchiCAD can assign different material to the cut planes - this case it applied "Farbe, weiss")
Many of your materials in the material list have not black emission color. You should change these (most of them) to black.

Second: even in case you don't change your materials it shouldn't cause problem for the plugin, and I can't find what is the problem here. It seems to work perfectly ok. When I export your scene to Studio it runs fine there, and you can see there the plugin automatically separates polygons with emitter materials from polygons with non-emitter materials, so the error message from Maxwell engine is very strange.....
By kropop
That means that you can not reproduce this error with my file on your computer?
By Marton Day8
I can reproduce the problem here, but I can't find any problem on the plugin side, Maxwell engine shouldn't send this error message.

But you should be able to solve it easily by changing the emission color to black for all the necessary materials. For example in your sample file I changed the emission color of material "Farbe, weiss", and after that it run without problem.

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