By BeeCee
We often design large portions of our model in a separate Revit model that is then linked into the main model. The Revit materials in that separate model do not come into the main model when linked, so I am not able to bind an MXM to the glass material in the linked model.

By BeeCee
Just to clarify, the materials do appear in the main model when rendering in Revit, they simply do not show up in the main model's materials library of used materials. Since the MXM-to-Revit material link seems to rely on the main models list of active materials, and the linked model's materials are not imported (simply referenced through the link), they don't appear in the Maxwell list.

Thanks for looking into it.
By medmonds
I find that texture map path issues are the most frequent problems I have initiating a rendering. Can it be programmed such that Maxwell always renders the scene, but just logs the texture path error?... or swaps out any faulty textures with a default white material?
By BeeCee
The 19 update says "added support for exporting and overriding materials found in linked files"

I cannot find this option or how to do so anywhere. Can you walk me through it?

By raduc
The support for materials in linked Revit models was added only for Revit 2014. Older versions of Revit don't have any way of reaching the data from linked documents so we couldn't do anything.
The way it works in Revit 2014 is that the material window will have all the materials grouped by the originating document. Any changes made to materials that are not part of the current Revit document will be saved as local overrides and will not be synced with the original document (so if you edit a material from a linked document and open it in Revit afterwards, the material will be exported with the settings from the linked document). We implemented it like that because the document access is read only, so we can't save anything back in linked documents.
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