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By macray
Hi there,

I wanted to create a multilight animation but it seems like Maxwell is always exporting the same frame without changing the light intensities.

for the test I setup a cube and 3 light emitters around, activated multilight, rendered the picture, stopped the render, then changed the multilight values at the beginning, the middle and the end. I made sure keyframe were created and when playing the animation it was shown in the small peview window.

Now i used the 'save sequence' from the multilight option toolbar and as many pictures were exported as I had frames arranged. During the export Maxwell went from one frame to the next, each time I could see the sliders in the multilight tab change accordingly but when checking the exported pictures ALL of them showed the very first frame - so each picture is the same.

What do I do wrong or what has to be changed to make it correct and export each picture with a different light setup as it should?

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