By donb
When I save my model or assembly after setting or changing any Maxwell parameters: camera, environment, etc., the view suddenly changes to an extreme wide angle. The actual camera settings have not changed, however, just the way it's displayed. This is not a new problem associated with the latest plugin. I am just now getting around to asking if anyone else seen this and do you know how to prevent it from happening?


SW 2012 sp5, nVidia Quadro 600
By JDHill
I haven't seen anything like this (Quadro 2000 here). When it happens, is there an actual SW camera set up for the viewport? If so, is the camera actually modified (i.e. the 3D positioning and parameters accessed via SW's right-click > Camera Properties), or does it seem more like a transient display (i.e. OpenGL) glitch or artifact? Also, does it seem related to anything the plugin does -- the Camera HUD, sun indicator, or Maxwell Fire image being shown in the viewport?
By donb
J.D., It only happens when a camera is defined, never with standard views. Camera settings are not being modified; I can change to a standard view then back to the camera and the view is usually correct again.

Robert, So maybe it's a SW problem and not related to the plugin. I have only used custom cameras when using Maxwell. I will run some tests with the plugin disabled and see what happens. Thanks.

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