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By Ernesto
Anyone using Real Scale Materials in Maya?
I am experiencing a wrong behaviour.
It seems that the Maya pluggin, is not reading correctly the Maxwell Real Scale materials.
Any similar experience?

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By Ernesto
Well... it seems that nobody is working using them...
Anyway, there is a problem in the Maya pluggin to read them.
It reads them as not real scale materials and the textures are represented in the wrong size!

I wonde if this is a known bug, or not?

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By Ernesto
The Real Scale Maxwell Materials are NOT working with the maya pluggin.
This is obviously a bug.
Please anyoneworking with real scale materials (Architectural Imaging) confirm or correct!
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By macray
What do you do to use the real scale and how did you find out that it doesn't work as expected?

(with real scale function each tiling option means 'make the tile x meter wide' while without real scale it means 'fit x tiles into the projection space')
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By Ernesto
Real Scale Materials Do work ok in Maxwell Studio.
The way they work is as follows:

You set a texture dimension in real units, for instance in cm, you can decide your texture is 400 x 600 meaning 4 x 6 meters.
At the time you save the material, you check the real scale box.
Then if your model UV settings are defined at 100 x 100 cm, all the materials will show real scale.
The real scale property is nneesary for architectural use, where the materials dimensions are CONSTANT and totally independent from the model measurementes. (ie a brick will not vary its dimensions no matter the size of the wall)

In Maya, they DO NOT work.
There is something broken in the maya pluggin, and the real scale settings gets mixed with the model UV settings resulting in totally unreal tile sizes.

The BUG, that I have deteceted is that the Tile factors arre inverted.
If the values are inverted (1/xxx) it will work ok, so my guess is that there was a mistake in the programmers.

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By Mihnea Balta
The plug-in doesn't support real scale materials because Maya doesn't have this concept (as far as I know; correct me if I'm wrong). The plug-in uses the built-in file node to represent textures, and Maya doesn't have an attribute on this node to select between "regular" UV mapping and "real scale". Therefore, the "real scale" option is ignored when you import a MXM file.
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By Ernesto
I understands Mihnea Balta.
Anyway there is no impediment to fix it!

It is very simple if it can be done in the Maya pluggin, but it can be a problem doind it by hand.

The solution is: Inverting the dimentions.
ie. If you have a real scale material which measures are 4000 x 200, it shopuld be translated to 1/4000 x 1/200, and it would work perfectly in Maya, without the need of a special real scale feature.

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