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By Mattia Sullini
Ah-ehm....wouldn't bother you once more, but...where is OSX version of the plugin? It disappeared from download area...
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By RonB

On the LW Plugin Update post Nicole chimmed in with, "I said last Friday that the LW for Mac is about 10 to 15 days away."

It looks like they are going to hold back the PC version until the Mac one is finished...why, I don't have a clue. Mihnea said, on my original texture post on May 28th regarding the PC plugin...

"We're terribly sorry about it, it's fixed right now and an updated version will be available in a matter of days."

So we all sit together in our cloth coats...

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By Mattia Sullini
Thanks Ron for the reply, and sorry for flooding the forum with doubled topics, but i didn't spot that post concerned mac version.
NL marketing works in mysterious ways...but i still believe. Amen.
By nicole
Hey guys,

I just wrote in the other thread... the Mac plug-in needs some more time, but the Windows plug-ins is ready now and we aim to release it any day now.

I will keep you updated, but please understand that I cannot keep you updated every hour, and sometimes not even every day. Whenever there is something to say, I will give you that information, and of course I will do my best to answer your queries here.


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By Mattia Sullini
Sorry nicole, didn't meant to be rude. Just didn't realize you already answered in another topic! And you don't have to reply this! Anyway internet is big, and there are many solutions to play with while waiting for the "right" plugin 8)
By nicole
:D :D :D :D
Thanks Mattia - no worries.

I hope to be able to bring good news soon - for Mac and Windows users.


By godzilla32
Any more news on the MAC version yet?

By dirkmeister
nobody answering - damn!!!
can you please hear our call?
this is not funny anymore!!!
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By bbuxton
10-15 days has faded into very distant memory.

Perhaps an update before we all come to believe that support for our platform has been abandoned.

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By Joedex
"Perhaps an update before we all come to believe that support for our platform has been abandoned...."

As to the OSX version of the Lightwave plug-in I’m defiantly not feeling the Love… NL.
By nicole
Hi everyone,

Sorry for the absence of updates..... several of our developers have been away and so things slowed down a bit.
We are currently testing a revised version of the LW plug-in for Mac. we previously came across some (rather serious) issues and now have to test this "new" version again. We hope we won't come across further problems, but we don't know that for sure. So unfortunately I cannot tell with certainty when we can release the plug-in.
We have definitely not abandoned Lightwave for Mac, on the contrary, but some unforeseen problems have kept us from making this the smooth release we hoped for. :(


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By Joedex
Hmmmm….. and here I was thinking, apparently mistakenly so, that it had more to do with the slow release of Newtek’s UB version of Lightwave for Mac…. oh what a relief.
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By ingo
So what is the last version of the LW-plugin we can use with 1.5.1 ......... or can't we ??
By SaT
The latest version of the plugin is 1.5.8 (Windows version). It should work with 1.5.1.
By laurindel
how about the plugin? Some news?
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