By kuba
I'm just curious when can we expect Houdini plugin for Maxwell? I hope after finally launching Maxwell 1.0 it will happen soon...

Even if this forum appears to be dead there are some people wating for this plugin to come...

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By sidenimjay
this is good to hear

glad that there are some more houdini users out there

unfortunatly the houdini plugin was written by myself and not NL

so we will all have to wait till they release the SDK before i can get this
back in full working order

i will update the newest features of maxwell and will attempt to make a
suitable shader interface maker similar to the rmands program to take in the
new shader outputs.

i also would like to take the opportunity to solve a couple other things like
allowing subnet geometry and multiple shaders per object. this is however
an addendum to getting a working release again, and will only be dealt with
as a priority if the SDK has changed significantly from the original beta one.

thanks again for the interest, and i , along with you all, hope to get the houdini plugin back as soon as possible once the SDK is in my hands again

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By sidenimjay
thanks nutman,

i am so glad to be able to share this plugin and hear that there has
been success with it :D

i have yet to hear when we will get an updated sdk

if it is today i can assure all users that i will be on top of compiling the plugin and will issue a new plugin as soon as i can

i plan to release a working copy of the new plugin , then add missing features as time allows

currently missing features:
1. mxm support
2. sub-objects
3. shader sop

these are my top priorities in implementing in the order of priority

if there are other items missing from the current beta plugin that you would like to see , feel free to post a request and i will get to them as i can

thanks again , and the day is here

ps i know that it can take some time to get the plugin posted once i send it to NL, so i will post here in the houdini section to inform all that we have liftoff.....
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By sidenimjay
thanks to kuba roth and the other members of the beta team, i am pleased to
announce the houdini to maxwell plugin is ready to use!

keep a lookout for an update.....NL has the release version of Houdini to maxwell 1.1.......

let the anticipation build!

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Thanks for reply!