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Not sure I can agree with that. To me, it looks like they need to do a lot! AI is nice and interesting from a marketing point of view and may even be interesting from a development perspective. Unfortunately, I don't see ANY evidence that they are doing ANYTHING. They have another 30% sale for Maxwell as well as a deep discount on upgrades to Realflow 10, which has not been updated since 2017. This along with NextLimit's complete refusal to engage with their customers, I think seals the fate of Maxwell and Realflow. Do you really think feature parity between CPU and GPU is going to happen? Not a word from NextLimit about compatibility with 4000 series GPUs does not inspire confidence.
I really wanted to upgrade to the bundle but even with 30% off it seems unwise.
Unless there is at least some communication regarding Maxwell's development or better yet some real evidence, I can't spend another Euro on Nextlimit products.
I was considering to support Maxwell render team by buying the bundle at 30% off, but without the support to series 4000 it’s a no for me.

Over one year without a major upgrade is to much.

It’s a shame they’re leaving this wonderful software dying.

They could still save it with minor improvement and investment.

They’ve just to read the forum and keep in mind just half of our suggestion.
maximilien wrote:+1 Mattéo Villa
:( Sad to go but i’m signing out as wel, no support for rtx 4090 and no communication regarding roadmap/future plans with Maxwell render/Studio. There seems to be “some development” on another renderengine but this just confirms that NL has given up on Maxwell and their userbase (a long time ago already).
Delete, forget about NL and move on to a customer focussed alternative…They’ve had their chance, time, engagement from customers and plenty of encouragement.
Guess they’ve reached their (next) limit.
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So while there is zero communication within the user base still in love with Maxwell, They’re talking about a new rendering engine within a Rhino plugin, but nothing related to MR & Studio on sight.

The main software & studio doesn’t see a real improvement or major update in over one year.

Plus if you’ve Ada Lovelace RTX / Quadro or AMD gpus you can’t in fact use Maxwell Render.

I absolutely hope to see a brighter future for this suite.

Meanwhile Twinmotion within the latest multi gpu update has become a wonderful and fast solution in our workflow.
Hi Matteo,

Why Twinmotion and not f.i. UE5 or D5 render?
I mainly do product rendering (boats). After ‘just’ 5 years of waiting for a roadmap and support for current hardware i just totally gave up on Maxwell. I’m about to make the switch but in doubt between D5 and TM.
Please advice/comment on why TM.

Thank you!!
Mainly because as an Archicad user with an active SSA (Software Service Agreement) I received a lifetime Twinmotion license.

As an Archicad user I mainly used the following rendering software.

• TheaRender ( they dropped the standalone version, focusing over rhino and sketchup, so I don’t use their software anymore, sadly becouse was a good rendering software still using a rendering engine using CPU+GPU )

• Artlantis
( waiting to see their new rendering software) like now it’s completely outdated.

• Maxwell render
( still using for high quality rendering ) but seems like a dead end project right now.
Missing the support to Ada Lovelace Gpus is a big red flag for me.

• Lumion ( costly and not much improvement to justify the price compared to Twinmotion )
But a good solution for who’s looking for drag&drop solution with a nice quality output. Especially for animated presentation if you work in the estate, architecture sector.

• Twinmotion is the safe spot for who’s in love with UE5 but prefer something smarter, easy, quicker and intuitive for a fast paced workflow.

• Big shaders library + fast shaders creation
• drag&drop utility / object / shaders
( but actually missing the possibility to add multiple shaders to faces)
• complete integration within UE5
• pathtracing rendering,
- nice quality result
- Multy gpu support
- AMD gpu supported
- Ada Lovelace supprted

Owned by Epic and deeply linked to UE4 and UE5 engine.

Plus they’ve a constant updated list of recently integration to their software and a clear features roadmap based upon user’s suggestions and needs.

https://portal.productboard.com/epicgam ... sideration

I never used D5
Hi Matteo,

Thanks for your prompt reply!
I’ve installed TM and will try it out.
I’ve used D5 and it’s fast and great but does have some limitations regarding (layers)workflow and quality for product rendering (D5 is very much focussed on architectural exteriors and interiors). So just use it for (amazing) speed and simple animations but for pure quality i’m still searching for something Maxwell promised to be, has a serious development roadmap and which supports modern hardware. Curious if Bella render can implement the hybrid GPU engine soon, the CPU speed is not bad and quality is allready fantastic.
Thanks again for your reply!
Unfortunately, Keyshot or Maverick are the only viable solution, as they offer standalone versions, able to ingest Alias, Rhino, Fusion 360, SolidWorks, NX, OBJ, etc. data - all the different softwares found in contemporary industrial/product design studios and educations.
Hi andreas,
Those two, Keyshot and Maverick, indeed were at the top of our picklist for exactly those reasons you mentioned, that most naval architects use at least Rhino and many (like us) use NX, Cadmatic and SW.
I really like the ‘looks’ of Maverick but there just doesn’t seem to be going on much in the sense of development.
Guess i’ll just have to give it a try.
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