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Filestar !!!!!! https://filestar.com/

I know that I recommended this in my HDR Lighting tutorials, but I just discovered a great new use for this application. I needed a high resolution cloudy sky background for some renders of models that I've made, and the available *.jpg was just too small. For a variety of technical reasons, I could not use the corresponding HDR file itself. What to do?

Well, I loaded the 4K HDR file into Filestar, where I could easily convert it to a *.png file, and then also used Filestar to crop out the section I wanted for the backplate. Simple!

Filestar is just an incredibly useful tool with a ton of applications, and it is either free or cheap, depending on how often you need it. If you do HDR lighting, this really belongs in your toolbox.

Same here!

Obviously still a beginner.

Just use the same settings as you would using a re[…]


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Haha, no worries. :lol: :lol: Thank you, sirs.