Everything related to the integration for Rhinoceros.
Update: I figured out how to do in on Windows, click the "Import one or more materials as custom" button, but also on Windows it is not possible to import .mxm files using the + button.

I am moving to macOS, and here there is no such button as far as I can see?

That option is meant to load materials that have been stored as an .rmtl file. If you save Maxwell materials in a Rhino Material Library file, they can be loaded again from that menu and drag and dropped into Rhino.

You can import MXM materials in the same way as on Windows:

- You can use the second button of the Materials toolbar (the same three toolbars should be available on Mac). If you left-click on the button the materials are imported as custom (embedded and editable from inside Rhino); if you right-click on the same button, they are imported as referenced (it's quicker, but they have to be edited from the MXED or embedded).
- You can use the Maxwell_AddMaterial command and then choose the option Import_as_Custom or Import_as_Referenced.

I hope this helps.

In any case, we'll check with the McNeel people to see if our material format could be added to the + > import from material library function. We tried the drag and drop method before without luck.

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