Can anyone get me some hints that how to get the material's Reflectance 0/90 color and texture information?

my code:
scene = Cmaxwell(mwcallback_cb)
materials = CmaxwellMaterialIterator() # read all materials into a list.
mat = materials.first(scene) # get the first item from the list.
while not mat.isNull():
name = mat.getName()
numLayers = mat.getNumLayers()
for i in range(numLayers[0]):
layer = mat.getLayer(i)
for b in range(layer.getNumBSDFs()[0]):
bsdfdata = layer.getBSDF(b)
reflectance_0_map = bsdfdata.getAttribute('reflectance_0_map')
mat = materials.next()
Ya sometimes the Maxwell API is like trying to solve a Sudoku puzzle. A lot of head scratching. I wish the documentation explained more because I waste so much time guessing.
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    for b in range(layer.getNumBSDFs()[0]):
        bsdfdata = layer.getBSDF(b)
        refldata = bsdfdata.getReflectance() # handle to instance of Creflectance
        refl_color, ok = refldata.getAttribute('color') # handle to instance of Cattribute
        if refl_color.activeType == MAP_TYPE_BITMAP:
        if refl_color.activeType == MAP_TYPE_RGB:
            print('rgb', refl_color.rgb)
    mat = materials.next()
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