Everything related to the integration for Archicad.
We've been having an issue on all files with all machines that have been upgraded to MacOS Big Sur.

When changing a surface setting while in a 3D view in ArchiCAD we're able to consistently crash ArchiCAD.
I've been able to track this issue to instances where the Maxwell plugin is loaded in ArchiCAD and the machine is running Big Sur.
When we unload the plug-in the crash issue goes away and older machines that haven't been updated to Big Sur seem to be working as well.

Note that this is occurring with the 5.1 plugin and the latest 5.2 update (with updated plugin)
I've reported to GraphiSoft as well but this appears to be an issue specific to the Maxwell plugin.
Not that this is any help to the problems you are having with crashing, but I don't feel like I need the ArchiCAD plug-in for Maxwell anyway because I like to do all the surface materials creating, editing, application... better in Maxwell Studio. I just save the parts of the ArchiCAD model I will need in the rendering as .dae .stl .3ds .obj .fbx ....and import it to Studio where I can use HDR Light Studio, Maxwell Multi Light, Fire preview, etc... And working in Maxwell Studio/Render lets me use my GPU and all of my CUDA Cores . I have only tinkered with the ArchiCAD plug-in so I don't know all of its advantages ( if there are any), but I am quite happy with out it. Always have been since before Maxwell 1.0 . Hard to teach an old dog new tricks I guess. Also, I find that I import quite a few of the (17) different geometry file types that Studio can import in addition to what I generate with ArchiCAD and fussing with the file conversions in ArchiCAD ends up bloating the ArchiCAD file - too much to function sometimes.

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