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By Anamika Roy Choudhury
Attaching the images of CPU & GPU render...The sketchup model is 3d warehouse download , a billboard
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By Forum Moderator
Hi Anamika,

I'm testing this here and I see some discrepancies between CPU and GPU when using the Override Map feature combined with tiling. I'm not sure exactly what's the problem yet. It could also have to do with the meters tiling method.

Would it be possible to check the material here?

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By Forum Moderator
Hello Anamika,

I can reproduce the issue here.
That tree material is translated into Maxwell as a material that has a couple of BSDFs and the layer is masked with the same image in "Alpha Only" mode.
Captura de pantalla tree.png
It seems that the GPU engine is ignoring that mode. I have reported that bug and hope it will be fixed in the next version. In the meantime, I think you only have the option to use an mxm material and replace that mask in the layer with an image extracted from the alpha channel of the tree image.

I'll share an mxm material in private. I know it's not as straightforward as the method you use, automatically translated from the SketchUp material, but it's the only alternative I can think of now.

I hope it helps a bit.

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
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