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By Raphael Tobar 20191030163818

This was made in latter-2018. But I've finally able to afford sending it to the cloud and render at a hi-res of 7499 x 9000 px. The background was actually a lighter blue, but used custom alphas to mask it out and replace it with a nice gradient and stars. The scene was originally made with Maxwell 4, but rendered in v5.1. Thank you!

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By Raphael Tobar 20191030163818
Thanks everyone! I didn't want to use volumetrics because the clouds would look too real. So instead I just used a torus and grew out hair tubes to make it look crafty. lol. Reason why it took so long for me to render at this size was because computing the minuscule light bounces from the clouds are quite heavy and decided to hold off until rendering it was more efficient. Thanks to the cloud it's been affordable for me to move forward.
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