Everything related to the integration for Cinema 4D.
By Jochen Haug
Dear Maxwell Team,

yesterday you have announced the plugin for Archicad and FormZ next time. Will the plugin for Cinema 4D published at the same time? I have paied for the update at the end of November and I am waiting for it, I have nothing more heart about.

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By Forum Moderator
Yes, that's the plan.

The plugin for Cinema has delayed because during our tests we found some serious bugs that were hard to solve and required a fix from Maxwell Render's side (faced to the plugin's side). Those were fixed but yesterday we found a couple more; one of which affected only R21. Once these problems are solved, it will be out. I'm sorry for the long wait.

By ptaszek
Hi Fernando,
I am just checking how is it going with R21 plugin. Do you think 1-2 weeks are possible?
macOS versions will be also ready same time as a windows version?

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