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By luis.hijarrubia
Yes, this is happening. We couldn't tell before as this involves the two companies. But we are working on integrate substance painter on maxwell. We will tell more of the approach as the development advances, but here you have an image as feature preview.

By Bernard Bunuan
That would be really helpful if it will be included in the Form Z plug-in.

As a workaround, it could me help work on models I make in Lightwave 2019 as obj files. Have them painted in Substance and then render them in Maxwell Studio 5. Although I still wish Lightwave had an updated Maxwell Render plug-in.
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By mjcherry
This sounds so promising!

Is this going to be a true integration, meaning, what we see in substance is, essentially, what we will see in Maxwell. Obviously the two render engines are different and there will be some differences in the resulting image - hopefully for the better. But will the maps be corrected for Maxwell automatically?

Also will this be available for the Maya Plugin?
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By lebulb
Good news!
I have been using Substance Designer for years.

But it seems more like a bitmap converter of PBR material (png...)
We do not load a sbsar format?
It will be possible to load other channel like anisotropy?

EDIT : it should also be possible to adjust the gamma of the maps with a level,
in particular for the roughness which gives a slightly different result between PBR and BSDF
By luis.hijarrubia
I can't get responses for all of you right now, as marketing people would kill me if I spoil it. But most of them are good news. We have the eye of Maxwell, Tom, and two artist used to substance working on the best conversion. And we want it to be as close as possibe from scratch without any tweak. The image is an very early ongoing alpha. The channels you see there won't be the final ones. And substance painter assistant won't be the first step, either the last one...
By luis.hijarrubia
mjcherry wrote:
Tue Feb 25, 2020 4:33 pm
Is there any update on this that can be shared?
Glad you asked. I will show the pipeline.

1. Create a new Substance painter material.

2. It will ask for a texture. Select any texture from a substance set.

3. It will automaticaly fill all the textures it can find on material.

4. Done. Just render it.

We are starting testing right now. All images above are working as shown. We may add some things but it's seems to be working fine.
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By mjcherry
How awesome is this!!!!

I do have one question suggestion (you'll hate me for it, I know, but I'm really curious)...

In doing my own testing and work to integrate Substance with Maxwell, I find that the metal materials created by substance aren't as good as those created in Maxwell. This has led me to exporting the metal map, tweaking it, and using it as a layer mask over a Maxwell Metal Material. It is a clumsy process and doesn't look great without a lot of work, but, when it's done right, it looks really good.

So, my question is, how will you be handling metals? Let's say you have an aluminum material with paint on it and the paint is being worn off the edges. Will the underlying aluminum layer look like it would if we just created an aluminum material in Maxwell?
By luis.hijarrubia
As you can see this conversor works only with substance generated textures. We cannot know wich metal are you trying to archieve. Anyway the conversor is not opaque, you can click convert to advance, and you will have a normal material, filled up with substance textures and tweak it as you like it.

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