Any features you'd like to see implemented into Maxwell?
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By Mark Bell
Created another webpage similar to SketchUp/Trimble 3D Warehouse (and even the Maxwell Materials page) where users can upload asset files allowing users free access to the various 3D objects/MXS files.
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By Forester
Yes, I would like something like this as well. It took me two days to work out a decent champagne foam SSS material. Maybe others would like to have it. I wouldn't mind contributing Maxwell Materials to such a library.
By luis.hijarrubia
I just commented here. A first step in this can be creating a method so that anyone can send materials, and we add to the maxwell material library the ones we find useful. I will tell you if there are news about this.
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By Nasok
I believe it would be super helpful. I can also support.
Especially if it will be not just materials but rather as the OP says - Free Assets Library .. remember "substance" .. before they've got Substance Source (a library of premium assets - or the ones you get with subscription) they had "Substance Share" - a user generated library - where everyone would upload what ever they would think is useful. Materials, shaders, tools, effects, etc.
Would be great to have such things for Maxwell. Especially I think a library of free 3D geometry UV mapped and with Maxwell materials so you could just use those in your scene with no-to-minimum tweaking.

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By Mark Bell
Hi Nasok - what you wrote is what I was aiming at when I submitted the post. The Trimble 3DWarehouse is essentially a free online library of user's work, some good some basic but it has the potential with Maxwell users to allow someone to search for an object that is ready to use at best or requires some tweaking to make it suitable for the scene they're working on. This gives Maxwell the potential to compete with the newer render softwares such as Lumion, Enscape etc. which can quickly populate a scene with landscape to interior objects. If it works well it's likely to attract more Maxwell users and help it grow.
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By Nasok
Totally agree - such platform would make it more open and more friendly for new users. It should be logically divided into categories and types of content for easy search and filtering. but yeah - would be amazing.
I would upload some technical materials that I have .. like the ones with different masks - so that you would merge it with your materials and utilise a set of masks from technical material. or would upload camera settings presents file - for easy set up. lot's of cool things could be shared so that it is easier to pick it up or improve your workflow.

I believe in this idea. And ready to help / support it.

So to start we either need an existing platform for online content distribution / or some sort of e-commerce store without a price / checkout functions ... or ... a programmer :)
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By Kevin Sauvageau
Mark Bell wrote:It would be good if this could be implemented by Next Limit so it's under their banner and part of the Maxwell site.
Totally agree. It would be way better if NextLimit implemented this. But with the speed rollouts, i question how long we'd have to wait...
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By Nasok
Ya - that would be ideal scenario - however - maybe we could start the project ourselves - and once guys from next limit will see how good / bad it is then it would be easier for them to allocate funds / person to manage / develop it. Because the revenue from this source for next limit is not directional but rather in enhancing the overall experience and supporting the community - which in the long run pay back but it might be hard to see the potential in the beginning, especially if it will require some investments in terms of graphics / development / moderation.

So I would suggest us starting it on something like ... Wordpress ? I believe there is a blog function that allows visitors to share their "posts" - could be good for the start. Each "blog post" would be a shared asset - few images, plus text description - and attached files.

Any other ideas which platform would allow us to share files online ?

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By Nasok
Also, potentially could be fair y easy to set up on a WIX - using a blog function - that allows users to register and to upload / vote / comment / categorise / search those posts - I know it's a of the shelf solution and not ideal - but it is something that could be started fairly easily without much of an investments in time / cash
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By Forum Moderator

We like the idea of a collaborative asset gallery. We have to evaluate how much resources we can put on this as you may agree there are more pressing things to deal with now, but definitely we think it would be good for our users and for Maxwell in general and are willing to support any effort in that direction.
From our side, most probably a "copy" of the material gallery page could work with some tunning (different categories are required and a voting system could be useful).
Let's think about it. If you need anything, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards and happy holidays!
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