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By jtodd44
I recently updated to Maxwell 5, but I am having problems with the render nodes. I have three computers on my network. Machines 1 and 2 are both running Windows 10 and Machine 1 contains the license server. If I open the manager on machine 1, it does not connect to a network node on machine 2, and vice versa. The render node (and studio) on machine 2 are able to get their licences from machine 1, so the two machines are able to communicate at least at that level. If a render node is running on the same machine as the manager it can connect to it.

I also have a third machine on the network running UNIX. When we try to run a render node on that machine it immediately crashes. Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated. All of these connections worked just fine with Maxwell 4 until I updated to the newest version of the software.

Thank you for your assistance.

By luis.hijarrubia
This is a very particular case, we owuld need more information about configuration. I think is better is you open a case with support and we can help you directly.
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