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This day I wanted to activate my Office and Home licenses for Studio and Maxwell For Rhino.

As it is said in your documentation : "Floating license keys can be activated twice (this allows you to activate your license in your office and on a laptop or home computer outside of the network). If you exceed the number of permitted activations, you will receive a pop-up notification saying that your license is in use and you won't be able to activate it anymore. If you need to re-install after exceeding the limit, please fill this form and send it to us explaining the situation."

But the explanation for licensing on a PC Office + a PC Home is not present on the site. Maybe I do not do things well.

I first did the RLM + softs installation on my PC office => Ok
Then I did the same thing on my home PC => Ok
But I found that on the portal, it was my home PC that was identified and not that of Office.
So I uninstalled RLM + softs on my Office PC hoping to redo a clean installation of all and that it would be taken into account by your server => And not possible to licence on the Office PC again :twisted:

So I try to revalidate the provisional licenses for a month on my desktop machine and only the license of the studio is ok.
The one month licence of the plug in rhino could not be re-validated. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

I tried several times to reinstall the software and I think it ended up creating new problems ...

Frankly, I want to pull my hair that I have not...
I have lost far too much time today for my job, for which I have to finalize a lot of things in two days.

Can you help me please ?

Why not do it as simple as adobe with the creative cloud?
In each individual account, we find the Host Id of the 2 pc declared who share the same license. The user himself manages the declared PCs, which is therefore much easier ...
In my case, it would be easy to reactivate the main licenses on my pc office and secondary on my pc home.
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