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By Q2
Hi everyone.

Trying to run a script and I get this error message:

File "<string>", line 6, in <module>
NameError: name 'mxs_dir' is not defined

This script changes the Emitter wattage in an Animation sequence from 0 to 25 Watts. I had it runnig in 2017 but since then I guess pymaxwell module was renamed to pymaxwel4, so I changed that and the script now gets hung up on the above mentioned error.

What is he Looking for exactly ANY IDEAS?


here's the script:

#============== CHANGE THESE VARIABLES AS REQUIRED ==============

mxs_dir = 'C:/Users/<carsten quilitz>/Desktop/mxsfiles'
mat_name = 'Emitter'
watts_min = 0
watts_max = 25

#================= DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE =================

import os
import sys
from pymaxwell4 import *

mxs_dir = os.path.normpath(mxs_dir)
if not os.path.isdir(mxs_dir):
print('ERROR: input dir not found: %s' % mxs_dir)

mxs_files = getFilesFromPath(mxs_dir, '.mxs')
if not len(mxs_files):
print('ERROR: no MXS files found: %s' % mxs_dir)

incr = (watts_max - watts_min) / float(len(mxs_files))
watts = watts_min

def read_emitter(mxs_path):
mw = Cmaxwell(mwcallback)
if not mw.readMXS(mxs_path):
print('ERROR: Failed to read %s.' % mxs_path)
return None,None,None
material = mw.getMaterial(mat_name)
if material.isNull():
print('ERROR: Failed to find "emitter" material in %s.' % mxs_path)
return None,None,None
layer = material.getLayer(0)
if layer.isNull():
print('ERROR: Failed to find layer 0 for "emitter" material in %s.' % mxs_path)
return None,None,None
emitter = layer.getEmitter()
if emitter.isNull():
print('ERROR: Failed to find emitter for layer 0 in %s.' % mxs_path)
return None,None,None
pair,ok = emitter.getPair()
if not ok or emitter.isNull():
print('ERROR: Failed to get emitter pair for layer 0 in %s.' % mxs_path)
return None,None,None
return mw,emitter,pair

for mxs_file in mxs_files:
mxs_path = os.path.join(mxs_dir, mxs_file)
mw,emitter,pair = read_emitter(mxs_path)
if not mw:
pair.watts = watts
if not mw.writeMXS(mxs_path):
print('ERROR: failed to write %s' % mxs_path)
print('OK: adjusted emitter to %s in %s.' % (watts, mxs_path))
watts = watts + incr
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By Brany
The error points to the line 6 of the code, so my guess is that the first part of the code you post (the block between the "CHANGE THESE VARIABLES AS REQUIRED" and "DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE") is not really in the script you are running.

If I run the code you post here, I don't have that error. Maybe you can try to put the global declarations after the "import" block of code (os,sys,pymaxwell4).
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