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By Max
there is already unreal studio for archviz which frankly blows everything else away and its probably 100x cheaper, also from the first look on the renders they implemented on the video trailer it looks very aproximative as render quality, hell you can even spot a very intense abuse of ambient occlusion (who use AO anymore in 2019 for interior viz??), which makes stuff look weird.

I dont know, im not sold at all, but what is more concerning is Maxwell looks abandonware.

its whatever anyway, complaining or praising wont make any difference, looks like both sides are falling into deaf ears.
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By alberto.manchenos

As Rooombox developer, all I can say is there will be no ambient occlusion in renders produced by Roombox. It is true there is something in the landing page video, but it will not in Roombox application. After all, its Maxwell based.

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By alberto.manchenos

From today its possible to test Roombox for free. Specially thinking in architecture and interior design professionals, we have prepared a beta-release in order to get in touch with future users of this new Next Limit product. As Maxwell users we think some of you could be interested.


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