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Hello Maxwelleros!

The last version ( had a couple of nasty bugs so we have quickly fixed them and built new versions of Maxwell Render, Studio and all the 3D integrations. It is version We also used the opportunity to include some other fixes and improvements.

As always, you can get it from the Customer Portal in "My Downloads" area:

Also, we have uploaded a big amount of materials to the gallery, so now they add up 5807 materials in the gallery!

We hope you enjoy them.

These are the release notes:
Publish date: Wed, 21 Feb 2018

-Fixed: Crash saving image from mxi.
-Fixed: Maxwell crashes when using volumetrics with a material with an emitting texture.
-Fixed: Render channel UV crash when motion blur objects are present.
-Fixed: MaxwellVolumetric VDBs with transformations are not rendered properly.

-Improvement: Texture picker shows texture projection properties in the texture preview thumbnail.
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