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By Q2
No, I have a series of files where I need to change the emitter value also from 0-100 Percent...Exept this time I use an MXI as my light source and not a regular Maxwell emitter with wattage.

Now that I think of it, maybe it would work with your script anyway....

By JDHill
This should do the trick:
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#============== CHANGE THESE VARIABLES AS REQUIRED ==============

mxs_dir = 'C:/Users/<user name>/Desktop/mxsfiles'
mat_name = 'Emitter'
intensity_min = 0
intensity_max = 100

#=================  DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE  =================

import os
import sys
from pymaxwell import *

mxs_dir = os.path.normpath(mxs_dir)
if not os.path.isdir(mxs_dir):
   print('ERROR: input dir not found: %s' % mxs_dir)

mxs_files = getFilesFromPath(mxs_dir, '.mxs')
if not len(mxs_files):
   print('ERROR: no MXS files found: %s' % mxs_dir)

incr = (intensity_max - intensity_min) / float(len(mxs_files))
intensity = intensity_min

def read_emitter(mxs_path):
   mw = Cmaxwell(mwcallback)
   if not mw.readMXS(mxs_path):
      print('ERROR: Failed to read %s.' % mxs_path)
      return None,None,None
   material = mw.getMaterial(mat_name)
   if material.isNull():
      print('ERROR: Failed to find "emitter" material in %s.' % mxs_path)
      return None,None,None
   layer = material.getLayer(0)
   if layer.isNull():
      print('ERROR: Failed to find layer 0 for "emitter" material in %s.' % mxs_path)
      return None,None,None
   emitter = layer.getEmitter()
   if emitter.isNull():
      print('ERROR: Failed to find emitter for layer 0 in %s.' % mxs_path)
      return None,None,None
   mxi,ok = emitter.getMXI()
   if not ok or emitter.isNull():
      print('ERROR: Failed to get mxi for layer 0 in %s.' % mxs_path)
      return None,None,None
   return mw,emitter,mxi

for mxs_file in mxs_files:
   mxs_path = os.path.join(mxs_dir, mxs_file)
   mw,emitter,mxi = read_emitter(mxs_path)
   if not mw:
   mxi.value = intensity
   if not mw.writeMXS(mxs_path):
      print('ERROR: failed to write %s' % mxs_path)
      print('OK: adjusted mxi intensity to %s in %s.' % (intensity, mxs_path))
   intensity = intensity + incr
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