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By medmonds
New laptop with 4 core Kaby Lake processor and Nvidia GTX 1080 8gig card with around 2500 CUDA cores
Initial speed comparisons between CPU and GPU rendering are extremely promising... 24x performance.
Same scene, same settings to reach SL 12:
CPU - 8 minutes 7 seconds
GPU - 21 seconds
Model developed in Revit 2017, exported to FBX, FBX linked into 3DS Max 2018.

HOWEVER, I'm getting a ton of fireflies/color noise on the GPU renders. I've checked all my materials to ensure I dont have any white values above 242-242-242, and I have no lights in the scene except for the sun.
What else should I check? Nvidia Driver version?
By medmonds
Thanks for the suggestion Mihai.
I'll see what I can do to eliminate any materials that might be causing them. The challenge for me (being new to 3DS max) is that the materials were all "autoconverted" from Revit materials and I have to learn this new material system to swap them out.
Hope you're doing well.
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