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Hi All

pymaxwell's mxi read() is crashing whenever I use it with readHeaderOnly=True on MXI files

Here's the test code:
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from pymaxwell import *

mxi = CmaxwellMxi()

# path = "C:\\Users\\Dave\\Desktop\\3212.mxi" # Works fine
path = "C:\\Users\\Dave\\Desktop\\3214.mxi" # Fails if readHeaderOnly==True

# mxi.read(path) # Works with 3214 mxis
mxi.read(path, True) # Fails with 3214 mxis

sl = mxi.getSamplingLevel()
print "SL: %s" % sl
And here are two MXI files, one from 3212 the other from 3214 https://we.tl/y8cnBgByP5

Not sure if this is best posted in the maxwell render bugs section or here, let me know if best to move it.


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