Everything related to the integration for SketchUp.
By JDHill
I'm not sure if it was clear, what I wrote about making use of template files was referring to SKP templates, i.e. File > Save as Template. Those will not help if your people need to be loading different templates at different times in a given model, but as far as making sure they all use a uniform starting point, it would be the way to go.
By Delineator
Ah, that would be great. I was unaware the SU templates worked with the Maxwell settings. I just tested and can confirm it works with the silverlight version (2.7.22). I assume the same is true for the newer versions as well?
By JDHill
It's always been true, because it's part of SketchUp's design: a template is a SKP like any other, it's just that File > Save doesn't overwrite it, and instead forces you to use Save As. From the plugin's point of view, you're just opening a file -- if there's Maxwell data inside, it will be read, otherwise you'll see default values in plugin parameters.
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I mentioned this in another thread, but by far one of the most useful things that could added is an cloud render option. This could be either via "comes with the license" similar to the Environmental Analysis that Revit provides to license holders or via some kind of purchased credit based with cost indicated in some part of the "upload render to the cloud" option.

This benefits users by massively increasing workflow speed. The benefit for Next Limit is that would be impossible to crack as it would be part of your customer gateway account; therefore encouraging legit usage. Let's face it, render time the one of the biggest issues. This is especially true in architecture offices where deadlines are often pushed to the limit.

The assumption that because someone needs a high spec image that instant are going to invest in a render farm and/or Maxwell Suite is a false one. We mostly do serious design via Revit, but often I'd rather get the fee for marketing quality visualisations but have no problem waiting over night for an image to render. However if I could do that via the cloud, in plugin I'd be willing to pay.

Cloud computing is the future, I think NL really got to the front of the pack with an easy to use/learn render plugin so a cloud option would be the natural progression of that.
By ArtPen
Will it be possible at some point to have:

- bigger render image from plugin at least 4k.
- hidden lights
- channels

By JDHill
You can hide lights by right-clicking them (the geometry must be a group or component) and enabling Hide from Camera, etc. I'm not sure if that's what you're referring to, though.

As for the other requests, assuming you are referring to the Standalone plugin (since they are already possible with the Render Suite), I'd guess that these will not happen. Regarding resolution, please feel free to make your request known to the sales dept (through your https://portal.nextlimit.com account), since it is an arbitrary limit. But regarding channels, this would require duplicating much functionality that's already implemented in Maxwell Render Suite, which would begin to defeat the purpose of offering the Standalone in the first place. If you need these more advanced types of features, our position is that you are no longer in the Standalone plugin's target audience, and should likely be using the Render Suite.
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By Scop-Amac
-If the environment setting can be store in scene like the camera settings, specially for image based, it'll be great.

In the same model I Use to store multiple point of vue with different lighting condition, and I always have to reload HDRI image and U/V Offset when I change the scene...
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By Mihai
Maybe I missed something, but I can only see one grass extension possible/group? Would be great if we could assign several of them to the same group.

Also a small change related to grass, please change the default type of Curve, to Flat. Curve is I think at least 3x slower to render.
By JDHill
Yes, you can only assign one grass extension per group; it is not easy to change this, so at least for the time being, I'd point out that it should not be too difficult to duplicate the group (for instance, if it is a plane, you can just duplicate it and move it down a few millimeters).

On curve vs flat, sure I can change the default... this is a holdover from when most people were running 32-bit SketchUp (in which case, better to default to rendering a bit slower, than crashing due to lack of memory).
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I was wondering if it was technically possible to have the transparent red bounding box of mxs references more closely follow the outline of the model?

I know that does happen when the reference model contains numerous separate objects, but in the case of, say a tree, whereby the trunk and leaves are combined into one editable poly object before export to the mxs format, it is one large bounding cube and makes placement of the trunk guess work.
By JDHill
Most anything is technically possible, but not perhaps feasible; the bounding boxes are calculated on a per-mesh basis, and I do not foresee changing that, so I would first suggest not joining the trunk with the leaves. That is, if you control the creation of the referenced mxs. If not, also please remember that an mxs reference is just a component with some extra data attached to it, so it's possible to open it and add more geometry than just the bounding boxes that the plugin creates.
By Mike Amos 20190814113537
What with the huge increase in AI, making our dear political leaders look decidedly second hand. How about an AI assistant that could see/get what I have selected and make suggestions on improvements. I know but hey it's a quiet week. :lol: :lol:
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