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By glassbathroom
With Rhino OSX looking like it is now definitely about to be released (after years of development), is there any likelihood of a Maxwell Render Plugin being in development for it. I know this requires a SDK to be available. Hopefully this is now possible at least.

I really hope it is.
By JDHill
As it has always been, the answer to this question is that we intend to provide a plugin for OSX Rhino, once it becomes possible to do so.
By JDHill
Indeed, it is not (see here), but I am nevertheless working on various things here, currently, that will be needed to support a plugin on that platform, regardless what it ends up looking like in terms of plugin SDK.
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By glassbathroom
Ok thanks JD,

They have been working on Rhino OSX for well over 8 years now. I had feared that I may never see its full release. It is not a surprise to me that they have still not provided plugin developers with what they need. Hopefully we have not too long to wait now.
By jespi
Hi Jeremy,

As you may know, Rhino 5.1 for mac has been released with support for creating plugins via RhinoCommons. May I ask you if you expect to start developing this plugging "soon" or there are other priorities before you can start thinking about this new plugin?

By JDHill
As I wrote in the previous post, I have been working on parts of this for some time already, but with SDK support not having been completed (until just yesterday, I believe), it has been a bit of a moving target. However, this does not concern only Rhino for Mac, but the Windows plugin too, because a) it would be silly to try to maintain two completely separate plugins, and b) the SDK used by the current Windows plugin is being deprecated. So, the plugin is being rewritten from the ground up on RhinoCommon, in order to share as much code as possible between the two platforms. In addition to this, we are working on a brand new SDK for Maxwell too, upon which the new plugin will be based, so it is difficult at this time to make any estimate of how long the work will take, but that said, I am pretty excited about it, because both the plugin and the current Maxwell SDK are very old by this point in time, both having been designed before there was even a hint of any idea like Maxwell FIRE, or like procedurals, grass/sea/etc extensions, and so forth.
By jespi
Thanks JD for the fast reply, this is good news!
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