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By polynurb
Hi JD,

i have some big trouble lately with loosing the maxwell camera settings per view, like resolution/shift/exposure etc.

when i swap viewports and come back to the previous it jumps back to default camera/filmback very often, but not always.
sometimes it keeps the settings of the view i just switched to.
I can't see a pattern though..

any clue?

By JDHill
I am not seeing it here, so if you are able to notice any pattern, please let me know. Could you also please let me know which plugin & Rhino versions you are using?
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By polynurb
5.8.40305.11495, 03/05/2014


win7 x64

i'll see if i can make the error show up on purpose, and get you a file.
By JDHill
That would be great -- there has been some fairly deep work done in that area recently, so it's entirely possible that a new issue would have been introduced.
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By polynurb
Hey JD,

can you please check this out: it seems a maximized viewport will override the camera settings.

I always work maximized, so i did not really notice this. i usually float a viewport if i need additional ones.

do you see this too?

By JDHill
I don't understand the procedure you're referring to, but for example, this works fine:
  • 1. Open Rhino, draw a cube.
    2. Maximize the Perspective viewport.
    3. Save two named views "a" and "b".
    4. Activate "a" and set a film size.
    5. Activate "b" and set a different film size.
    6. Switch between views "a" and "b".
    7. The film for each is recalled as expected.
Could you please let me know what I would need to do differently to observe the issue?
By JDHill
Thanks, I see what you mean now. When I wrote about switching between views a & b, I was in the same physical viewport, switching it between named views a & b.
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By polynurb
*thanks for checking it out, I am posting this anyway
just realized the first encode misses a few seconds, but i think the basics are visible anyway.

when all viewports a visible, things appear to work correctly.but when i maximizes the settings are kept initally for the active viewport but when i crtl+tab through the viewports the settings are lost. when i then "un-maximize", some viewports restore the original settings some are reset.. I don't really see any consistent behaviour there.
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By polynurb
getting in to walkabout mode also disables camera settings (although the camera frame is still displayed correctly), and when toggling it again (getting out of walk mode) they are finally reset completely.

do you see that too?
By JDHill
No, I'm not seeing that. Aside from the camera position not working properly (unless SHIFT is down) in walkabout, it behaves like any other view. Meaning, I can start in a maximized perspective viewport, set a custom film size/shift, see that size/shift reflected by the HUD, switch to walkabout mode, set a custom film size/shift there, see that size/shift displayed by the HUD, then switch walkabout off again, and return to the previous perspective view, with the expected film size/shift once again being displayed.

So it seems to work here more or less the opposite of how you describe.
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By polynurb
ok, i think i got it.

two things:

I wasn't really aware that walkabout has its own "camera". i don't use it very often, and needed it to do a slight correction in an eye level view just the other day. And i certainly noted that when i deactivated walkabout, my camera was reset.
And this is because of :

-make a new scene / default 4view go into perspective

-save some camera settings like film size.

-save the view under a name, it will become active then (viewport tile name)

-go into walkabout (i now get it has its own camera, but only the view change remains)

- exit walkabout

-watch viewport tile name: PERSPECTIVE!!

it is a rhino bug.. on the 30" i missed the name change of the viewport tile, and since the camera view remains the same i noticed the filme size etc. being reset.
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By polynurb

i just installed 3.0.5 and i still get the problem of loosing the camera settings after maximizing a viewport;(eg. after crtl+tab between viewports while maximized)
running the latest rhino update.

is there a chance this can be fixed in a minor update? working around it is against my workflow and i often forget that i am not "allowed" to crtl+M durig modelling. i manually drag all viewports to max size and overlap them to get the usual working environment.. but of course that means that i loose the possibility to switch back to multiple viewport layout.

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By polynurb
JDHill wrote:I can certainly take another look at it.
cool, i'd really appreciate that.
i am sure it has been working correctly until an update in the V3 series, but i don't remember which.
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