By gbyerley
Hello, In advance, I apologize if this is a redundant question, I used the search feature to no avail.

I am attempting to do a fairly large resolution render, The purpose for this being is it a fairly large image to begin with and I would like to be able to zoom in on specific details while maintaining the crispness of the output render. This seems like a fairly simple task by setting the camera resolution fairly massive, I am attempting 7500x3842, This carries over fine into the render engine however the final output (.png file) seems to default back to 2011x1030. Is there a particular reason for this? I have tried adjusting the camera resolution to different, albeit smaller the what I need only to have the output continuously be 2011x1030. I am using V2.7.2 Learning Edition.

Thank you for any advice. It has been very frustrating having a file render at a specific resolution only to have the final output be drastically smaller.
I thought it had have something to do with the license but when I purchased it I was assured there were no limitations of the sorts. I guess I should have done more research on the matter.
At least I can stop wasting my time attempting to render at such resolutions.
I forgot to thank you for your response btw.

And, One last question does having the output resolution set so high effect the rendering time or does the engine default to the limited resolution from the start?

Thanks again.
By JDHill
I find it hard to believe you would have been misled regarding limitations (I know the people who handle sales inquiries), unless it would have been due to miscommunication. At any rate, the restrictions are outlined clearly on the Learning Edition page, so I'm sorry if you were not aware, but I'm also not sure what more could be done.

Regarding your second question, there is no performance penalty, since the resolution adjustment is something that occurs inside of Maxwell itself, as it is loading the MXS (which contains the desired resolution). It must work that way, since it's not know at the time of writing the MXS, the type of license with which it will eventually be rendered.
I am not trying to imply I am owed anything, I purchased the license well over a year ago, before the V3 release. However, one of the key reasons I purchased Maxwell was, I was told there were no resolution limitations (In comparison to competitors). If it was a miscommunication it had to of taken place in the "Maximum Resolution" sales point. I have been using the program (and thoroughly enjoying it) since purchase before I noticed this issue.

Thanks again for responding to my questions!
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