nightnurse images is a young and aspiring architectural visualization company based in Zurich, Switzerland. Founded in 2010 we have succeeded in becoming a major provider of architectural visualizations. Today we are a team of 13 visualization professionals in Zurich and have become an inherent part of the Swiss architectural industry. Our aim is to supply our customers with the highest possible quality of service.

* are a great bunch of young architects and designers.
* enjoy creating high quality atmospheric images that make an impression.
* work with a wide range of interesting clients and inspiring projects.
* are up to date with the latest technology to comply with the highest standards.
* model with Rhino.
* render with Maxwell Render.
* post-produce with Photoshop (& AfterEffects for animations)
* want to share our knowledge and experience while continuously developing our skills.
* believe that a vibrant and good atmosphere at work is essential.
* have found our ideal office space in a former factory loft in Zurich.
* are multilingual and -national with associated hands on deck in Buenos Aires and New York.
* have recently realized that together we speak 13 languages (counting Swiss-German, of course).

* are a visual artist (m/f) and
* have an education in or demonstrated a passion for architecture and design.
* have a minimum of 2 years of experience in an industry related company (visualization and/or architecture)
* are proficient in the use of the software we work with.
* can motivate and organize yourself while working against deadlines.
* enjoy creating images with a personal touch that meet highest standards.
* have an eye for composition and story-telling.
* are able to work independently.
* are eager to learn and participate in the creative process as well as the collaborative team atmosphere.
* live (or would like to live) in Zurich.

Please apply as follows
* Send your application to jobs (a) nightnurse.ch
* Please include your CV, a short Portfolio and let us know why you would like to work with us.

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