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By wimver
I have been searching (locally and online) for the MW manual, but all I can find is the V3 online manual. where can I find the V2 manual?

I need to know urgently how I can render a bunch of mxs files (coming from an animation). I found a batch render script but don't know how it works.
By wimver
it is on a single computer indeed. I opened manager, node and monitor (for the very first time) but when I click the plus icon, I get a window where I have to enter all kinds of settings, which are already set in the mxs files... I am vagely remembering something about indicating a bunch of files from the maxwell render app, and it did it one by one, just like when rendering animation files from within a plugin.
By wimver

I am sorry but both in maxwell render and studio, when I click the help menu I arrive at the maxwell render support centre, and there I can click the documentation button, which leads me to the V3 documentation.
I know, I won't need V2 soon, but I am still on OS10.6 and cannot install my V3 version yet, I need to backup first and do a mavericks clean install, but it is the year's end and thus too much things to do before 2014 starts.

but wasn't there a V2 pdf version? I thought I had it but searched all my HD's and couldn't find one. if so, where can I D/L?


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