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By Mihnea Balta
Version 3.0.3
  • fixed: installation problems when the location of Revit was selected manually or typed in
  • fixed: crash when exporting some scenes created with the v3 plug-in
  • fixed: incorrect state or parameters for exported textures
  • fixed: exported lights were disabled in some cases
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By Mihnea Balta
Version 3.0.13
  • added support for Revit 2015
  • workaround for Revit bug which produced misplaced faces in family instances which contained imported symbols
  • implemented Pack'n'Go
  • fixed: Maxwell button became unusable after opening the family editor
  • fixed: the family editor exporter wasn't using the updated exporter code in Revit 2014
  • fixed: the export button didn't work if an image output path wasn't set in Revit 2014
  • fixed: the installer didn't find the Revit install path if a localized or bundled version of Revit was used
  • fixed: the addin didn't load in some cases
  • fixed: exported camera framing was different from the Revit viewport
  • fixed: crash when setting the current month to January
  • fixed: crash in scenes that contained stills
  • fixed: railings and balusters didn't get exported correctly
  • fixed: the topology mesh material didn't get exported in Revit 2014
  • fixed: wrong baluster positioning in some cases
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