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Hi Maxwellians,

do some of you know a good place where to purchase 3dm or OBJ files (for use via Rhino, Alias or NX) of meats, fruits and vegetables that are very realistically textured? Rendering is done in Maxwell Studio.

Thanks for some hints!
Thanks, Bograt. Yes, there's a lot on offer at Turbosquid. Problem is, we only have NX, Alias and Rhino at our disposal. The same was true for other 3D sites I happened to come across. Someone should make lots of Maxwell ready 3D models, I bet many designers would be ever so happy to buy from her or him; after all, many industrial, product, lighting and furniture designers need to contextualise their renderings well...
bograt wrote:From Indsideko: ... 1253&y=-38
No veggies here but this website has a lot to offer, you may be better off just getting some standard max material objects and converting them to Maxwell materials, I am happy to help if you want

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