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By r3dcube

Probably a silly question but I can't seem to solve it. My problem is that I finish some renders and they are all sitting in there respective folder. There are changes to something and I have to do some tests renders but I forget that I'm still writing to that network folder and I overwrite a file. Is there a way to set the renderer while working locally in Maya to put the mxi and image in my temp directory instead of writing to the network or working directory?

I'm afraid not. Images go to the path specified in the Maya globals. You could make a script which switches between the production path and the temporary path and assign it to a shelf button, but this isn't something specific to Maxwell, you would have to do the same for any Maya renderer. You could also try using macros in the image name, for example insert <Version> somewhere, then set the "Version Label" string to "test" or something similar while doing test renders, so that you don't overwrite the production images.

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