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By Chris Zakrewsky
This thread will be updated with frequently asked questions and with corresponding answers.

Q: Do you by any chance have a version of the new plug in that works with the new Select Series 3 Beta of Microstation?

A: The plug-in compatible with MicroStation SELECTseries 3 is currently undergoing Beta testing.
Barring any unforeseen problems, the plug-in will be released early in June. The current Beta seems to be stable (2012.05.16).

Q: Is plug-in v1.0.0 compatible with MicroStation

A: There has been some confusion about two MicroStation versions, both claiming the SELECTseries 2 brand name: and
The latter one was, as far as I recall, a hot-fix for the former (it was resolving some issue with Bentley Architecture, but in any case it seems no longer being offered for download).
Only the former one has been fully certified for the general usage. It is also the former one which is fully certified for Maxwell Render Export v1.0.0.

Q: Do you know about (your description goes here) bug?
A: Probably not. Please provide the minimal data set or a detailed description so I can reproduce it. If I can reproduce it, it will be fixed or at least it will be properly explained or a workaround suggested.
However I already know about some problems. All known problems being currently addressed along with upcoming enenhancements are outlined in the Current work in progress... thread.

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