By Jalixko
I am using render layers from maya, could you check the the file name prefix option is supported in the last version? I using the maya command line for maxwell render. The issue is in the -l flag, this render the correct layer but write the image in the masterlayer directory, where it should write in the correct render layers directory.


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By Jalixko
Hi again!
I could reproduce the error, name prefix and render layers are not rendered properly in command line mode. The renderer renders the correct layer but the name given to the folder of the layer is the selected in the maya scene. I would like to attach an example but I can find teh way in this forum.
I you render all layers from maya the render layers ar rendered properly but not from Maya comman line

PD: Hi NL Guys, could add the option to this forum to add attachements? I mean, in the same way as in the RF Forum. Thanks.

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