This is the first time that I deleted the Normal tag and still have this issue...

I notice that some areas of the object (it's a single object with no groups) aren't affected by the problem.

I am hoping there is some way to fix it in C4D

Any thoughts?


By JDHill
Okay, I'll have to confirm this with the core developers, but it looks like the problem is due to having too many selections on one object. The whole scene is one object, and there are something like 256 selections on that object - if you look in Studio, it appears that after a certain point, no selections are written at all. If I delete selections until there are less than 100, then the ones that remain are written correctly.

Additionally, the normals tag is a problem - the V2 plugin is ignoring this tag, and the V1.x plugin will too in its next update. Until then, the tag must be deleted.
Hmm. I'd been planning to write a program that consolidates redundant material zones; I guess I will have to see about doing that more quickly.

I was also going to post to say that I reproduced the same problem in Maxwell 2, and its plugin, which I installed this afternoon. But that's probably not very surprising

Thanks for looking at it!
By JDHill
Yes, the behavior regarding selections would not be any different with the V2 plugin, since I was not previously aware of this limitation, so thanks alot for sending me the scene. The next update will keep track of the number of selections for each object and limit them to 99. If there are more, a warning will be printed in the console.
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