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By RonB
just got an email....they are going to reveal the CORE this wed at 1300 PST (1500 CST / 1600 EST / 2100 GMT / 2200 CET).

whadda think?
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By Mattia Sullini
There's an endless thread (300 pages) full of speculations about it on newtek's forum... but i'm finding all this pushing the climax a bit annoying...what if on wednesday what they are showing is not worth all the expectations??? :twisted:

I used to be a LWer while beeing student for almost 5 years, but when it came the time to get a commercial license i preferred to bet on modo...

Still now LW is still much widely supported by external engines or alternative renderers than modo and so i am really hoping that LW CORE will be a modern app (unified working environment, instances, fully renewed modeling tools...) so that i will have the chance to flank my last love (modo) with my first one!
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By RonB
I agree with you Mattia...I think the last workable version was 8.5, which I still use. But I am also hoping for a modern app.

Cheers, Ron
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By mgroeteke
well, have to disagree, nothing can beat the recently released version 9.6 - they've really done a great clean up of old bugs and added lots of new features. best of all, its the most solid mac version ever! perfect for the probably long transition period to 'core'..., imo.


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