By mtripoli
Anyone have any idea what this is all about?
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By RonB
something's supposed to happen in 13 days?

Maybe the release of LW 10?

I don't know...
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By RonB
All the techie buzz says the message contains refs to LW 10 and core...

maybe an open beta release?
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By RonB
This is way out there but here's what I think.

Roth is a smart guy and has been around the 3D scene a long time. Electric Image was his baby, especially Camera, which was a wonderful piece of software...and may still be. When he joined NewTek I think he laid out the fact that they had a problem that wasn't going to be easily overlooked. To bring their flagship program into a more competitive position it needed to be modernized. The core of the program needed to be rewritten is what I believe he told them, and he agreed to come on board if they agreed to his redesign of Lightwave. I believe that is whats happening. I think we will see a completely new LW with one all inclusive work/render platform like most other modern apps. Lightwave now is really one big plugin and the core rewrite that I think is going on will change all that.

I think it's time to start thinking in those terms...or of course I could be wrong.

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By Mihai
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<!-- If you can figure out the phrase in the graphic, please visit =D -->
Lots more info there :P
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By -Adrian
Uuuu, smart move Tom.
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By tom
But, not smart enough as it still doesn't mean anything :lol:
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