By voxelpictures
Hi Everybody,

Where to activate/toggle the compass for the maya UI same as studio?
Is it available? Can someone do a mel for that if not available?

Have a nice day all.

Roshan Martin
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By deadalvs
hey there !

Display --> Heads Up Display --> view axis


preferences: Interface --> ViewCube

was it that ?
By voxelpictures
Hi Mathias,

No, i need the compass showing North, South, West, East, to match the correct physical sky in the viewport when activated same as in maxwell Studio.
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By Mihnea Balta
South is positive Z, East is positive X. If you can see the face marked "Front" on the view cube, you're looking towards North. If you can see the "Left" face, you're looking towards East. There's no compass widget to show you the sun direction, but you can do one of two things:
- enable sky preview in the viewport and you'll see where the sun is
- bind the sun direction to a directional light in your scene (render options -> environment -> sky options -> sun -> sun direction and track object)
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